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Stop & Worship - a blend of songs that will help you give God your undivided attention in worship. Sing along with Arthur's favorite and most requested worship songs. The songs on this project will move you to reflect on the unfailing mercy of God and inspire you to sing along and listen in praise and thanksgiving of His unfailing Love.

Stop & Worship

Stop and Worship -color

Classic Art with Soul - a combination of classic hits spanning three decades.  The songs on this project are as diverse as the generations that influenced them.  Listen to a fresh rendition of timless and unforgettable POP and R&B - we dare you not to sing along!

Classic Art


Art & Soul LIVE On his latest release, Arthur is joined by family & friends including a female inmate choir in a high-energy inspirational live concert recorded at Sarasota Baptist Church.

Art and Soul LIVE

Crossing Over – The Jazz Project For the many children of God who are smooth jazz lovers, this project is filled with familiar tunes that have been “crossed over” to express the life of Christ and the timelessness of His Word.

Crossing Over

One More Night with the Frogs One More Night with the Frogs is an uplifting mixture of flavors including smooth jazz, reggae, pop and more that will truly bless your soul.   And of course. . . there’s “The Frog!”

One More Night With The Frog

Hymns & More This collection of the some of the greatest hymns ever written will be a favorite of hymn-lovers and music lovers of all tastes. Arthur’s voice takes these 18th & 19th century hymns to another dimension - it will be like you’re hearing them for the very first time! There are a few bonus tracks (& More) including “Welcome to Heaven” a song dedicated to all the Saints who ran the race and kept the faith and are now with the Savior in heaven. Don’t miss this memorable musical journey – order yours today

Arthur Hymns and More


Arthur & Family Volume 1 This collection offers an assortment of Arthur’s most requested concert selections like “I’ll Tell It” and “Center of My Joy”.  The captivating background vocal mix features some of the most gifted vocalists from Arthur’s home church family and debuts his daughter, Alex.

Making Music I

Arthur & Family Volume 2 Arthur is joined by friends who present a variety of musical styles and talents in this live concert performance. Experience praise and worship in an atmosphere filled with joy and excitement!

Making Music II

ASK This project includes many original works of “Art”. All song lyrics and music were written and developed by Arthur accompanied by “The Writers Group”. In the song “Thank You”, Arthur has rewritten it in tribute to his mother and includes his testimony of how God answered her prayers and gave him salvation. As Arthur’s debut CD, this is a collector’s piece. Make sure you have one!

Arthur Ask

Christmas Joy


Other Artists

I Will Always Love You (Gina Burns) This is the long awaited recording of Gina’s angelic voice singing a wonderful selection of encouraging, uplifting songs.  Gina’s prayer is that all who listen to this music will experience the amazing, unchanging, eternal, awesome love of God!  “We are lavishly loved by the One Who is Love and it doesn’t get any better than that!” - Gina

Gina Burns

Von This is a new music project written entirely by Von (Yvonne Marshall); a new songwriter, composer, musician and vocalist who’s music will grip your heart and soul! Her sound is “young” and “inspiring” and her voice is heavenly – a true gift from God!”

Yvonne "VON" Marshall

God Who Sees Me (Joselyn Haight) This CD is dedicated to the “God Who Sees Me” and loves me anyway. These songs are Joselyn’s finest originals! Enjoy listening and singing along with Joselyn and the Celebration Family Church as they lead you in songs of worship & praise. Yes, get ready for an awesome experience! “Thanks to the team at Celebration Family Church for taking time out to be a part of this effort.” - Joselyn

Joselyn Haight