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Art and Soul Live


Art & Soul – Live:

This CD is a live musical presentation with some of my precious family and friends. It was held in Sarasota Baptist Church at my annual prison ministry fundraiser concert.

We were able to capture our performance on DVD and port the soundtrack over to CD. We hope that you will love this new music project as much as we loved presenting it. While listening, enjoy the “live ” feel and audience responses; it was our intent to give our listeners the sensation of being with us.

A big THANKS and gratitude goes out to our cast comprised of family and friends. We also would like to thank the engineers and volunteer members of Sarasota Baptist Church for assisting in the overall production. A special thanks goes out to The Bradenton Transitional Center Choir and officials who gave permission for the choir to participate. Thanks, John McLane , for your assistance in making this an other “keeper” in the Arthur collection.

May the Lord bless the listener now and in eternity, Arthur


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