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Arthur Hymns and More

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This CD is dedicated to my wife Jill. All hymns were personally selected by Jill and are a collection of her favorite songs. The listener will be able to sing along and listen to some of the greatest hymns of all time.


Jill and I believe that this project will be the most popular of all my CDs. We hope that it will be very special in the hearts of all “hymn” lovers and we are looking forward to introducing music lovers of all backgrounds to 18 & 19 century Hymns in a 20 century package.


As of the making of this project, Jill and I celebrate our 25th anniversary. Our prayer is that you will join us as we move towards another 25 years in music appreciation for these songs and their writers. We added “Welcome to Heaven” in remembrance of “Grandma”, Jill’s mother Eva, my father Emzie Sr. and all the Saints who ran the race and kept the faith and are now with the Savior in heaven.


We would like to thank Gina Burns, Erica Garland, Denice Harvey, Rick Jacobs and John McLane for their assistance in making this the “best project” in the Arthur collection. Additionally, a special thanks to Melisa Gunlock for her friendship and encouragement in the production of this CD.


May the Lord bless the listener now and in eternity, Arthur

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